Monday, June 2, 2008

The workouts are upon us

We've been waiting for the official word and now it's finally here. The workout schedule for draft prospects is as close to finalized as it's going to get. Here's the list of players from around the world who'll be making stops in Portland for pre-draft workouts and interviews.

June 3
Rodrigue Beaubois (France/PG) *underclassman
Rudy Mbemba (Congo/PG)
Mike Green (Butler/PG)

June 4
Giorgi Shermadini (Rep of Georgia/PF)
C.J. Giles (Oregon State/PF)

June 7
Sasha Kaun (Kansas/C)
Steven Hill (Arkansas/C)
Gary Forbes (UMASS/SG)
Stanley Burrell (Xavier/SG-PG)
Victor Claver (Spain/SF) *underclassman

June 9
Lester Hudson (Tenn-Martin SG-PG)
Jaycee Carroll (Utah State/SG)
J.J. Hickson (NC State/PF) *underclassman
James Gist (Maryland/PF)

June 10
Bryce Taylor (Oregon/SG)
JaJuan Smith (Tennessee/SG)
Marcus Dove (Oklahoma State/SF)
David Padgett (Louisville/C)
Darian Townes (Arkansas/PF-C)

June 12
Russell Westbrook (UCLA/PG)
Tywon Lawson (North Carolina/PG) *underclassman

June 15
Jeremy Pargo (Gonzaga/PG) *underclassman
Bo McCalebb (New Orleans/PG)
Luc Louves (France/SF) *underclassman
Pat Calathes (St. Joseph’s/SF)

June 16
Davon Jefferson (USC/SF-PF)
Shawn James (Duquesne/PF)

June 17
Joe Alexander (West Virginia/PF-SF) *underclassman
Donte Greene (Syracuse/SF)
Marreese Speights (Florida/PF) *underclassman
Deron Washington (Virginia Tech/SF)

June 18
DJ Augustin (Texas/PG)

June 19
Robin Lopez (Stanford/C)
Javale McGee (Nevada/C)
Kosta Koufos (Ohio State/PF-C)
Malik Hairston (Oregon/SG)
Darnell Jackson (Kansas/PF)
Richard Hendrix (Alabama/PF) *underclassman

June 20
Luc Mbah a Moute (UCLA/SF) *underclassman
Will Daniels (Rhode Island/SF)

June 21
Brandon Rush (Kansas/SF-SG)
Courtney Lee (Western Kentucky/SG)
Mark Tyndale (Temple/SG)

June 22
Maarty Leunen (Oregon/PF)
Juan Palacios (Louisville/PF)

June 23
Darrell Arthur (Kansas/PF)
Anthony Randolph (LSU/PF-SF) *tentative

June 24
Nicolas Batum (France/SF)
Sonny Weems (Arkansas/SF-SG)
Marcellus Kemp (Nevada/SG)
Shan Foster (Vanderbilt/SG)

Players noted as “underclassman” currently have not signed with an agent and have until June 16th to withdraw from the draft.

So what do you think? Who do you like out of this group? Any notable names missing (I was surprised Chase Budinger and Chris Douglas-Roberts not on the list)? Which day do you think will have the biggest impact on who we take? Which day would you most like to be a fly on the wall?


Sophia said...

Have you ever seen the movie "the goonies"? Do you remember the monster that chased the kids? And always seemed to have his hands up while yelling "argh...!!" This is who Sasha Kuan reminds me of.

This clearly is completely irrelivant but I thought I would put it out there.

Thanks for the info btw I know you are doing double duty with MB out.

blzrfn1 said...

June 12th, would be the day I picked. Thanks for the update Casey :)

wade said...

Definitely June 18th...mainly because it's my birthday but also because D.J. is the only one working out that day, which seems odd.

Blazerbacker said...

I'd like to have seen OIT's Ryan Feigi with a tryout. At the NBA level he would have some defense to learn, but 6'7"point guards are rare and he has some Pippenlike talent? He is the best there is in Naia and the local boy might be worth a look.

mrblazer said...

I'm glad we have the list. I found it surprising that a few names were not on it. However, i think the list unveils perhaps a bit of information on what KP is planning on doing in the draft. Not just who he is going to select but also when. Although, i'm sure KP will make sure we're ready to make a selection with each and every pick. Certainly, it isn't likely it will come down to that, but we'll be prepared.

sirrom805 said...

June 12 is the day to watch for... Russell Westbrook would be a good addition at PG for the Blazers!

luna9 said...

June 12th and June 17th ...

when i keep thinking of this year's draft, two words come to mind (well, three really) "long-term vision." KP's strategy has always been about creating a lasting competitive culture. teams can't manufacture of conjure that kind of chemistry (as Mark Cuban might think). it takes patience.

that being said, i look to '09-10 to find the real significance of this year's pick. IF (and it's a big 'if') we do end up drafting someone with the 13th pick, i feel it will be someone that will likely be able to show enough potential this coming year to pique the curiosity of veteran-laden NBA teams. KP and crew are likely looking down the road when we have the cap room and the surplus of talent to make a big-time deal. oh, and don't be surprised if Fernandez is in that lot.

regardless of what happens, i can't remember EVER having this much fun watching an organization grow and infuse so much pride in the community. thank you KP, but most of all my sincere go thanks to Paul Allen for believing in Portland.

Ancora Acque said...

i want a hometown player. i know we dont need anybody at PF or SG, but it would be cool to have a(former)Duck or even one of those hated beavers play in Portland. Maarty or Brice, but not Giles. i hear he has issues.

BRoyFTW said...

June 12th and 18th are the best work out days. I'm superized Budinger is not coming as well. We need a PG above all. Trade up and get Eric Gordon if you have to.

I think we need to hold onto our current team though and try to limit draft trades to giving up picks. Frye, Outlaw, and Webster are going to get better and have all shown flashes of what they may become. Don't trade it them for possible draft busts.

Lorie said...

Casey, i am looking forward to June 18th, DJ Augustin....i believe, IS the best of all thats on the list, evan over Westbrook, because Augustin IS a "pure pg" and Westbrook IS NOT.

Philski said...

Joe Alexander is the same age (born the same month and year) as Martell Webster. To put this draft in perspective, where would you rank Martell if he were coming out as a College Junior in this year's draft ? I think he'd be right up there with the top five players. That's what's important to remember. Who are the Blazers going to draft this year, who will be better than the players currently on their roster ? I don't see any way that they upgrade the Small Forward position through the draft. I don't think there are any 3's in the draft who will be better this year, or any year in the future, than Martell, Travis and James Jones.


What Else? said...

Why aren't they working out Bayless? I think he would be a perfect fit and it would be nice for the team to get a closer look at him in case the want to trade down to get him. He's NBA ready right now.

Anonymous said...

I really don't know why but for some reason everyone has forgotten about washington state! Kyle Weaver and Derrick Low are great players who nobody even looks at. They led the cougars to two straight tournament appearances which is rare at WSU. Weaver is great in all aspects of the game with great intellegence and Low is a great player in his own right. I don't know if they are first round prospects but come on!

Stephen said...

There are some good players on the list but I don't know if any of the guys available at 13 will be able to contribute to this team. Westbrook/Augustin would be good picks but I don't think either will be available. Joe Alexander reminds me of a Travis Outlaw type of player and is the only player who might be more than a rotation player a couple years down the road.

I would like to see KP trade the number 13 pick along with Jarret Jack to Chicago for Kirk Hinrich or to Toronto for T.J. Ford. With Rudy coming next year (fingers crossed!) we won't need Jack's scoring as much and will need a pure point guard.

shorty said...

Where is Mario "Big Shoot" Chambers? We need this guy on our team, he can look down any point guard just ask Derick Rose! Plus when the game is on the line, he will step up and make shoots. This guard will spread the floor and has great vision. Plus he is a KU Alum! Kevin lets make this happen!

Damien said...

I say pick up Koufos, or Shermadini. I think Koufos is underrated. Check out his video on the NBA prospect profile page. And Shermadini showed real promise in his workout, either of them would be a solid backup center if Oden gets into foul trouble, or is injured again. They are both threats offensively, and defensively. I think Portland already has enough pg/sg's.

Damien said...

OK ... After watching a few other prospect videos I must say. JaVale McGee reminds me of Tyson Chandler with a Jumper. June 18th will be a very interesting day indeed......

Ryan said...

Kyle Weaver is predicted to go in late in the first round or early second round. Looks like the teams he is working out for are being "wowed" by his defense and work ethic. The kid is a class act with the quality character of a Brandon Roy, LaMarcus Aldridge,Travis Outlaw, etc. He would be a perfect fit in Portland.