Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Listen: Kevin Pritchard on

General Manager Kevin Pritchard talks, as he often does, with ESPN's Chad Ford about the upcoming draft, Greg Oden and Rudy Fernandez. Give it a listen.


NateDogg said...

Yo Casey I got my wish! Check out my comment on April 18th's blog regarding my ideal playoff scenario. I nailed that one! Thanks for the audio clips. You going to check out our boy Malik today?

Lorie said...

WOW! i really believe that KP is the best GM in the nba....he is so smooth and slick and know's exactly what he's doing.....i have ALL the faith that KP is going to get something special this draft and i can hardly wait!.....GO KP!!!


i am not telling KP how todo his job because he is the best GM in the NBA but we should get DJ Augustin, Chris Douglas Roberts and Joey Dorsey.We should use the 13th pick and Jack to jump to the Pacers spot at 11 and take Augustin.We should trade Channing Frye/Joel Pryzbilla for a late teens-early twenties pick and take CDR he would be a perfect fit for the Blazers as a role player.Then wes hould package our two early second round picks for a late firt round pick for example for detroit's pick and take Dorsey.And then finally take a european player with our late second round pick.

I would like to know what you guys thinks.And next years executive of the year will be KP!!!

blzrfn1 said...

Thanks Casey .
In KP we trust. :)

Larry and Michelle Dickinson said...

Casey, Have you heard anything about CSN getting on the dishes?

Casey Holdahl said...

NateDogg: Way to go on the draft prognostication. That's game.

I did see Malik workout today, and I'll have a report from his and the other workouts later today.

british blazer: I like CDR too, but I don't think he's the type of player that you trade guys like Przybilla or Frye for (especially Przy). If you're going to bring in yet another wing player, you should probably trade one out.

Augustin would be a great pick, but I'm not sure he's a guy you move up to get. I could be persuaded otherwise though.

Larry and Michelle: No word on the Comcast/Satellite situation. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed. Hopefully all parties involved will realize that everyong is losing money by not having a carriage deal in place.


I agree with your response casey they are alot to give up but maybe we could buy a pick around the late-teens to take CDR but i believe that James Jones will not exercise his player option and could be wind up somewhere like Cleveland.Augustin would be a great pick we could offer the 13th pick and cash considerations to the Pacers for the 11th pick.Living in England they do not show many basketball games on the TV.Throughout the season I saw the Memphis Tigers play and Dorsey was a beast he reminds me of Ben Wallace.I only saw one blazer game last year and it wasthe opener against San Antonio because in England they always show the Lakers.They show them even more know because Beckham plays for the LA Galaxy.I would like to know what you guys think.