Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Measuring the draftees

In case you missed it, Draft Express has the official measurables from the Orlando Pre-Draft Camp. I didn't notice anything too awful surprising, though Derek Rose looks much taller on television than 6'2.5" (with shoes!).

Anything jump out at your regarding your favorites for the 13th pick? DJ Augustin is tied for shortest guy in Orlando. My boy Bryce Taylor can really get up. His 41 inch max vert was tied for second among all those who participated. Kevin Love must have been happy with his vert, as he equaled Mike Beasley and Anthony Randolph, whom most would consider athletically superior.


SabonisFan3386 said...

Hey, Marty Leunen had a pretty good sprint time...

On a more serious note, Joe Alexander's looking better and better. I know he replicates a lot of Outlaw's skills, and he's reputedly a project, but would it hurt the Blazers to have two super-athletic forwards off the bench? If Pritchard can't swing a deal for Westbrook or veteran help - which would probably be the ideal outcome from this draft - they could do a lot worse than Alexander. I'm looking forward to his workout on June 17th.

Then again, maybe I'm getting too caught up in the "next Shawn Marion" hype. He's raw, he's relatively new to the game (DraftExpress says he's only been playing organized ball for five years), and he could work on his ballhandling and scoring; another year in college would do him good. But, I'll bet he still pans out for whichever team takes him. Here's hoping he wows Pritchard, McMillan and co.

Harald said...

Joe Alexander, who several mock drafts have going to Portland at #13.

Second best in the 3/4 court sprint (slightly ahead of Rose) which is amazing for a forward, 6'7.25 w/o shoes and one inch more with shoes, over 36 inch max. vert, under 6 percent body fat, 24 bench presses (again second best in class), etc.
Looking at his page on draftexpress the guy is freakishly athletic and already has a decent mid-range jumper. He would be able to contribute to the team immediately if selected yet still has a lot of room to grow while he is learning the finer points of the game. Ultimately could be a Matt Harpring or Gerald Wallace type player, if not more.