Wednesday, November 25, 2009

11.24.09 Trail Blazers Courtside

The regular triumvirate of Mike Barrett, Mike Rice and Brian Wheeler returned to the set last night to resume Trail Blazers Courtside, your weekly radio/internet/cable television show devoted to all things Trail Blazers.

The November 24th edition was of the utmost quality. Nate McMillan and Travis Outlaw were both call-in guests and rookie Jeff Pendergraph spent the second hour in-studio talking snakes, why his car won't drift and evading jabs from Rice. It's worth a listen


Download Trail Blazers Courtside (Hour One) (38.7 MB)


Download Trail Blazers Courtside (Hour Two) (39 MB)

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Cathy at 50-something said...

I thought that the crew was VERY rude to Jeff Pendergrast. They kept asking questions and making jokes about snakes, and they wouldn't let him answer. Jeff was being so soft-spoken and polite. I think he is owed an apology. Why would anyone be a guest on an "interview" show if they aren't allowed to answer questions. Confounding.

Casey Holdahl said...

I could see why you would think that Cathy, but it's all in good fun. Besides, everybody gets to pick on the rookies, even the broadcasters.

Cathy at 50-something said...

Point taken. And I am aghast at a missing "?" in my post. I am a newcomer to sports radio--and totally addicted. I guess I just don't know the routine yet.