Thursday, November 12, 2009

11.12.09 Podcast

There might be a different tone this week among the fanbase after winning four straight, but Dave Deckard of and I, Casey Holdahl of, try to keep an even keel. Smooth.

This week Dave and I talk about the first two games of the current five-game road trip, Greg Oden's confidence, whether the three-guard lineup is here to stay, helping out Brandon Roy, LaMarcus moving forward and a Ducks/Blazers comparison. That's cross promotion holmes.

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aneebaba said...

Hey guys - thanks for the great chat. Just wanted to make a few comments; about Rudy - I really do hope he can find a long-term role in the team, playing time etc. I just keep remembering how much of a steal he was when we got him from Phoenix - that was a Pritch-slap move in my book. :-) Of course, I would want him to be happy as well, but it would be heart-breaking if that were on another team.
Anyways, I'm looking forward to see how we do, as you guys stated, these next few games. Yes, ATL is playing scary bball these days. Maybe with the firing of Coach Scott, the Hornets will be a bit off, though sometimes there is a renewed energy that first game post-firing. Yes, we should be able to beat Charlotte, don't know why they had our # last year as you said Casey. I say we win these two games by a decent margin (not more than 10 though against the Hornets) and crossing fingers that we can maybe just squeeze out that win in ATL, so yes, 5-0! Let's do it!
Lastly, liked your sign-off there Casey - just a simple "Go Blazers"

LTG said...

Great Podcast as usual guys. Casey, I am a lil annoyed that Dave does not seem to remember when Oden handled his buisness against Tim Duncan. Is Tim not considered a challenge for anyone anymore? Anyhow Greg looked pretty impressive against a future hall of famer. I think Oden is going to be a very difficult problem for any center this year.

hg said...

Great podcast:

IMO; the reason for Steve, Miller, and BRoy in the line-up at the same time, is we wanted more up-tempo and fast breaking. We already had two of our 3 best ball handlers in the starting line-up, we just insert Andre and the stage is set. It not only gives us up-tempo and fast breaks, but because of the ball handling it gives us more ball movement and more flexibility. We have three to set up the Offense and we still have Greg and LMA, so not much has changed. Unless you are saying that BRoy lacking in defensive skills is worst then Travis or Martell.

The flexibility is not only 3 ball handlers, we have Rudy, JBay, probably Martell that can play utility guard. We can slide BRoy back and forth from the three to the two and the one; we can slide Steve over from the one to the two or alternate with Andre when a post up is needed from Andre. BRoy can take over the game from the three as well as he can from the two and Martell can shoot the 3 from the two spot or the three.

As was said on the podcast about JBay, you can insert him in and let him come on slowly and you can insert Outlaw, Martell and Rudy one at a time to slowly increase their ball handling skills without interrupting the flow. Therefore I have to ask, What is not forever Other then the obvious that nothing is forever?