Thursday, November 5, 2009

11.05.09 Podcast

After starting the season 2-3, everyone wants to know what's wrong with the Trail Blazers. Are there answers to that questions? Is the question itself even valid? Can you fit more than three rhetorical questions into one intro paragraph? No, maybe and heck yes.

Dave Deckard of and I, Casey Holdahl of, delve into the first five games of the season to debate what's working and what isn't. I'll let you decide if the answers are sufficient.

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Current Church said...

I was at the Atlanta game and watched the stretch where we lost the game. I kid you not, Brandon Roy was playing center and Pryzbilla and Oden were nowhere to be found. Why hasn't anyone questioned the terrible coaching that happened during that game?

hg said...

Is Greg guarding or stopping guards by design or is it a mistake? that is when he gets in foul trouble. For all the good it does for him to try to stop a guard, he might as well step aside and let him score where he can stay in the game. Let's face reality, once the guard slips into the paint without being turned or stopped the play is pretty well shot anyway.


aneebaba said...

Awesome chat guys. Always completes my Fridays. Hope we do get that win tonight, somehow. Peace from Prague

DowntownVinnie said...

Greg has to learn when to be aggressive and when to hold his ground and take charges.The team is close and we have beaten by three really good teams.When everyone gets to know one another,it will get better.I am confident and it isn't like anyone has blown us out.We also have to excecutethe last 2 minutes. Lets Regroup and beat S.A.. DomiNATE