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Pritchard, Buchanan Pre-Draft Quotes: June 16

An interesting mix of prospects at the practice facility today, which speaks to the situation the Trail Blazers are at the 24th pick.

"Being the 24th pick, you don’t know who is going to fall to you so your focus is on a larger range of guys as far as who will be available," said Nate McMillan. "We know its going to be a ton of guards that go early in this draft, but between 15 and 30, that’s up in the air. A very difficult draft to prepare for in our position, but Kevin and those guys, they’ll be ready."

Which is we were treated to a little bit of everything today in Tualatin. You had a point-forward from Australia, a quick trigger from LSU, a physical specimen from Sweden, a complete guard from Oklahoma State, a defensive stopper on his second workout from LSU and conference player of the year who continued to gutted out the workout despite a rolling his ankle.

For more information on Terrel Harris, Joe Ingles, Jonas Jerebko, Jermaine Taylor, Garrett Temple and Marcus Thornton we turn to General Manager Kevin Pritchard and Director of College Scouting Chad Buchanan.

Terrel Harris, 6-4, Guard, Oklahoma State

Pritchard: "I’ve seen him play at Oklahoma State. Good defender. He needs to get a little stronger, needs to improve his shot, but there’s a chance down the road that he can be an NBA player."

Buchanan: "Very kind of complete guard. Good on the defensive end. I think his question mark will be can he tighten up his handle and become a true point because he’s small to play the two.

"Decent catch and shoot guy. He’s got to get better doing that. But I like him defensively. He’s got some toughness to him. Kind of rangy build. Likely undrafted I would guess, but will end up somewhere on a summer league team. I was telling him that if he can tighten up his ball skills he’s got a chance to someday sneak into our league."

Joe Ingles, 6-8, Guard/Forward, Australia

Pritchard: "He played on the Australian National team, that’s kind of where he got on the radar. Shot the ball really well. He’s like a point forward; he’s got that ball handling and a good feel for the game. I think he’d be a really good blend player with other good players."

Buchanan: "He’s got a lot of international experience. Played on the Australian Olympic team. He’s very good with the ball, versatile. He can pass it, which is kind of hard so see in a halfcourt setting. I think you get him going up and down and making some plays with the ball is where you can really see what he is as a player.

"He shot it well today. He was kind of streaky shooting the ball during the season but he shot it well today. Just got a good feel for the game. He’s got good ball skills for a guy his size."

Jonas Jerebko, 6-8, Forward, Sweden

Pritchard: "Tough kid, works hard. Can defend multiple positions. He probably needs some time overseas, but he’s an intriguing talent because he’s big and can defend."

Buchanan: "Obviously you can see physically that he’s quite the specimen for the young, defensive minded four/three. I like his versatility on the defensive end. I think he can guard multiple positions. He’s got to get better with his ball skills, shooting the ball, handling the ball, although he’s never really been asked to be that offensive go-to guy. Very tough kid, good athlete. Definitely an NBA player."

Jermaine Taylor, 6-4, Guard, Central Florida

Pritchard: "He turned his ankle today so I don’t want to really give an evaluation other than that he was playing hard and he can really put the ball in the hole. He can score and has a chance to be a scorer at our level."

Buchanan: "Physical. I like how rugged and tough he is from the wing position. He can shoot it, he’s athletic. He was asked to do a ton of stuff for his team offensively so he’s become offensive minded. He’s got to get better guarding the ball. He sprained his ankle today so when you guys came in you didn’t really get a good look. He gutted it out today. Give the kid a lot of respect because he rolled his ankle pretty good and then came back.

"Just a guy who’s that physically gifted that plays on the wing will draw some attention to him. I think he’s probably a mid to late second round type guy."

Garrett Temple, 6-6, Guard, LSU

Pritchard: "Great defender. Impressed with his defense. A reluctant offensive player, will have to become a better shooter. But he never gives up on a play and is really a competitor."

Buchanan: "We had Garrett in back in May. Brought him back. Like his length, like his defensive basketball IQ. Not going to give you a ton of stuff offensively. I think that will probably be his hurdle to our league. But high character kid. Can guard about every position on the perimeter.

"Like his length, like his athleticism and like his feel for the game. Obviously we liked him the first time and wanted to see him against some different kids the second time through. He’s definitely a kid we’ll have discussions about. Probably undrafted though, I would say."

Marcus Thornton, 6-4, Guard, LSU

Pritchard: "Quick trigger. Can really shoot the ball, score. Will be a good catch and shoot guy but also I think he’ll be pretty good in the pick and roll. I think he may be moving up in the draft. He’s played well enough in these workouts. He’s helping himself."

Buchanan: "He’s definitely an NBA player. Quick trigger. As quick a trigger as there probably is in this draft. Good with the ball, really compact quicks with the ball. Defensively, quick hands. Probably an average athlete for his position and a little small for a two guard, but he gets his shot off so quickly that he can make up for being an inch or two too small. I think teams will be looking at him late in the first round I would guess. Good player."

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