Friday, June 12, 2009

Brandon Roy's Restful Offseason

There’s nothing like a relaxing summer to cure the aches and pains of an 82 game season. It’s important to take some time after the end of a long year to heal after subjecting your body to countless collisions on the court.

That’s exactly how Brandon Roy is approaching his offseason. Roy, anxious to begin working on his game after a 32 win rookie season, all but ran back to the gym after the buzzer sounded for the final time in 06-07. He took a little more time off last offseason, but he still pushed himself a bit too hard, which resulted in Roy need minor knee surgery before the start of training camp.

But now he’s learned his lesson. After 54 wins and a first round exit from the playoffs, B.Roy is taking an extended sabbatical from basketball.

“I’ve beginning to come out of my rest phase,” said Roy, “but not really playing basketball. Just exercising. I’ll start biking again this month, lifting some weights. I feel like I’ve taken a good month, but I’m still a month away from playing basketball on court and shooting and things like that.”

Roy only played 111 more regular season minutes in ’08-’09 than he did in ’07-’08, but playing six extra games (and playoff games at that) left the third-year guard ready to leave basketball in the rearview for a bit longer than usual. And he’s feeling the results.

“My body feels great,” said Roy. “This is the best I’ve felt since the season started because you play so many games. I want to go play now, you know?”

But he’s fighting the temptation to lace up the sneakers, at least for a few more weeks, with the plan being that an extended rest will be more beneficial in the long run than extra workouts.

“I’m ready to go now,” said Roy. “My body feels like it’s all healed up. All the little nicks are gone. I talked to Coach Nate and he said to just be patient. He said he thinks it’s a good idea to start riding the bike and exercising, but as far as basketball, stay away from it just a little bit longer.

“But the body feels great. I’m excited about that more than anything.”


skaternater said...

I am excited to hear that B Roy is feeling great. I think if he takes it a little easier this offseason he will have a better start to the regular season. I am so excited for nex season. Roy, Aldridge, Oden, Fernandez, Outlaw, and Batum are all gonna be better players. I believe huge things are instore for Rip City next year!!

cfppdx said...

Brandon needs to get into Pilates. As much as he contorts his body and drops to the floor after contact, he needs to strengthen his core and all those small twitch muscles with some intensive 3 day a week Pilates. Lifting weights is great, but larger muscles and added weight will not be his friend in the long run. Tight strong longer muscles will push him farther through the season. It works for Kobe and Labron, I think Brandon should challenge himself and take it on.

vcubed said...

Will Brandon have surgery on his injured pinkie finger?

blazerfan108 said...

I agree with cfppdx. Cross training and core work is essential. Kareem credits his longevity in basketball to yoga. I hope the Blazers are using all of the cutting edge physical and mental training to take them to the next level.