Monday, June 29, 2009

Camp Out, Workout

Rudy Fernandez isn't one those guys who uses his name to attract kids to a camp, only to show up for a few abbreviated appearances. He's working all the time. He's giving instruction and breaking up scuffles. He's doing his best to enforce peace and quiet at night, going so far as bunking down on a dormitory cot (while lowly bloggers stay at artisan hotels). He's throwing kids in the pool and conducting interviews with local politicians and posing for pictures with anyone who asks. This is el campo de Rudy Fernandez, whose namesake is dead set on giving these kids their money's worth.

But while Rudy is one heck of a camp counselor, he's also an NBA basketball player, and that means nary a day goes by when he's not working on his game. Playing a little pickup ball with a bunch of preteens can help work up a sweat, but it's not going to get you ready for the rigors of an 82-game season.

So that's why Rudy was in a stuffy one court gym with a rubber floor in Campanet today working out with assistant coach Kaleb Canales. For over an hour Rudy worked on a series of shooting drills designed to keep his skills sharp for the upcoming season. Pump fakes, one-dribble pullups, floaters in the lane, baseline shots from behind the backboard, jumpers off of screens, jumpers off dribble hand offs, three's from every part of the floor. Rudy, with the help of Coach Kaleb, pushed himself through the workout despite being in a gym with no ventilation (my guess would be the temperature was somewhere in the mid 90's).

I assumed Rudy would take a little time off afterward, but I saw him head back to where the kids were at as Coach Kaleb and I left for the hotel. That's dedication, both to his kids and the Trail Blazers.


Roger said...

Thanks for the updates. I'll assume 'quite' (instead of quiet) was a typo, but you should check out the difference between 'wear' and 'where'.

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