Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Photos: Rudy Fernandez photo shoot

All of the rookies are in Ryebrook, NY for the yearly Rookie Transition Program. Basically the NBA gathers up all the first-year guys with the hopes of keeping them from doing the stupid things that rookies sometimes do.

Rudy Fernandez is there and he's having his picture taken. Here's the gallery of those images. You've got the action shots, the glamor shots, and the weird image of Rudy wearing a jersey that says "Fernandez" above the number and then "Rudy Fernandez" under the number. I don't know what the deal with that is.

You can click all of these images to see larger pictures.


3777 said...

Bond, James Bond.

Anonymous said...

estan genial las fotos, que ganitas tengo de que rudy les demuestre que de rookie tiene mas bien poco...animo rudy, dejales con las boca abierta con tus fantasticas jugadas!!!

alexi said...

The rudy fernandez thing is probably just for the photoshoot, It would be interesting to see the other rookies.

Sophia said...


Um, just wondering when you were going to get those Nic Batum pics up there for me?!

Rudy looks pretty cute but he needs to shave. Im guessing it's a cultural thing but one question, doesn't all that stubble make a guy's face itch??

Thanks for the updates G.


Casey Holdahl said...

esther: Estoy de acuerdo.

alexi: Most of the other rookies had their pictures taken a month ago, and none that I saw had their full name on the back.

Sophia: I'll get those Batum photos up for you.

Rudy always has that stubble. As a man who also frequently sports the stubble look, I can say categorically that it doesn't itch until it gets a bit longer.

David said...

Be attention with Rudy. Will be the surprise of the year.
Welcome to the new Showman. The "New Magic" man.
Great Shooter, athletic, dunker,..!!!
Next Olimpic Games we wil be the Gold Medals.
(P.D Excuse with me english. Here in Barcelona we don't need it. ;) ;) )

Lucas said...

Its going to be a close battle for Rookie of the Year this year...
And 3 of them are Blazers!