Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Honor the Duck, vote for Duc

You're probably aware that there is a new baby elephant at the Portland Zoo (if you're not aware of that fact, consider leaving the cave every now and then). He's also currently nameless. To rectify that problem the zoo is allowing internet users to vote for what they'd like the little guy to be called for the rest of his days. One of the options is "Duc", which, according to the zoo's website, is a mini tribute to the recently departed Kevin Duckworth.
Duc: (rhymes with hook or look): Vietnamese for "good, moral, desire." (Also is a portion of former Trail Blazer Kevin Duckworth's name, honoring the late basketball player.)
And a fitting tribute at that considering how much Duckworth loved animals.

You can vote for the names (including Duc!) by going here. The voting is open until Thursday at 5 pm. I'm not here to tell you what name to vote for; I'm just passing the information along.

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