Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Video: Nate McMillan talks post-game about after losing to the Suns

This is one of those games that just wasn't meant to be. The Suns are really starting to hit their stride since for the first time since acquiring Shaq and the Blazers simply couldn't counter when it counted.

The Blazers will have one more chance this season to break what is now an eight-game losing streak to the Suns. They'll have to do it in Phoenix in the last game of the season, which seems unlikely after losing both games at home, but you never know.

Here's Nate's post-game remarks.


rd1234 said...

I don't know Nate seems like you are way too comfortable as a coach. Why was Frye guarding Nash for a stretch is it because your guards are too lazy to fight around a screen and stay with their man? They need to either play smart or be yanked. And when your point guards stink why not give Green a shot, too late now. What is the point of picking up a shooter like Wafer if he's going to sit there? It's obvious that Webster, Blake, Jack, Frye easier to just say everybody besides Roy Aldridge, Pryz, Jones, should be playing in the D league. Maybe you just don't have the horses so you do what you can. Not trying to think that I know as much about basketball as you Nate just don't understand what I'm watching. I have nba league pass and do watch a lot of basketball and see a lot of smart play but not from this Portland team.

RipCity Fan said...

rd1234 obviously doesn't pay attention. He has no idea what he is talking about. Nate is doing a great job sculpting a young group that the entire state of Oregon is prepared to support in the coming decades. This is a special group of kids with a lot of talent, and there is only one way to teach; and that's by experience. Nate knows what he is doing. Let him do his job.