Thursday, March 27, 2008

Nip it in the Budinger

The draft is still months away, but the speculation is already running wild. I guess that makes sense though. NBA scouting staffs never stop evaluating and the NCAA Tournament provides big-game situations that scouts love to watch when forming a comprehensive opinion of a player.

Chad Ford, the guru at ESPN on all things NBA draft, answered some questions about NCAA talent this season, with one of those questions coming from a Blazer fan:
Kory (Rip City): I noticed that on your mockdraft lottery that you have portland taking Budinger. Do you think my blazers will draft a small forward, a point guard or package the pick and players in a trade.

SportsNation Chad Ford: I think they're priority is point guard, then small forward. However, they might not be able to get an elite point guard at No. 13. If Augustin or Westbrook are on the board, they'd probably take them. If not, I think they'll switch gears to small forward. Budinger's a good fit because of his shooting ability, athleticism and the fact that he doesn't need to be the man on every possession.

I think Ford is right on the first point, and way off on the second.

First off, Kevin Pritchard is taking the best player available, period. Point guard, small forward, center, it doesn't matter. The best guy on the board when KP makes his pick will be a Trail Blazer. Having said that, I wouldn't be surprised if they were focusing on point guards, if for no other reason than this draft is stocked with quality guards.

But Chase Budinger? He's been hyped since he came to Arizona, but I don't really understand why. He's athletic, but not crazy athletic. He knows his way around the court, but again, his hoops IQ isn't off the charts. He's got a decent stroke, but nothing spectacular. I can't figure out for the life of me why he's even coming out this season (if in fact he is). Is he ever going to play over Travis Outlaw (more athletic than Budinger), Martell Webster (more athletic and a better shooter than CB) or James Jones (also a better shooter than Budinger)? I just can't see it.


Vinny B said...

I agree that KP is not going to take Budinger. If Westbrook or Collison are left when we pick then its point guard. But I think Donte Green is better then Chase and better defensively. But KP will draft best available and possibly trade him if he's a center, power forward or shooting guard.

Richard K. said...

You're more likely to see KP deal Rudy Fernandez, his first round pick and Sergio for the #2 pick to get Derrick Rose.

pitar821 said...

Portland to pick Collison? Please. They already have 3 mediocre PGs, why add a 4th? Taurean Green is better than Collison and they got him in the second round. If he's smart, Pritchard will package the pick with Jack for a solid perimiter defender.

Woody Wommack said...

I don't care who they draft as long as it means getting rid of Jack. He sucks, period. Sure he has flashes of potential, but it's outweighed by multiple turnovers and stupid decisions. He consistantly drives to the basket with no idea what he's going to do with the ball when he gets there. 50 percent of the time it results in a turnover, 25 percent he may somehow find a way to pass it to one of his teammates, and the other 25 he gets bailed out by a foul call. I knew it was time for him to go after he blew the Denver game earlier this year, and after that display against Charlotte, I was regretting buying the League Pass.