Monday, March 17, 2008

Podcast: 03.14.08 Edition of Trail Blazers Courtside

If for some reason you missed it, here's the podcast from yesterday's edition of Trail Blazers Courtside, your weekly radio show for all things Trail Blazers hosted by Mike Barrett, Mike Rice and Brian Wheeler. Guests on this week's show include Oregon beat writer Jason Quick, Portland State coach Ken Bone and Phoenix Suns radio analyst Tim Kempton.

And just in case you're unaware, all of the podcasts that we do are available here.

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Anonymous said...

These podcasts need help. I listen to quite a few podcasts, but this one always has issues. The content is great, I look forward to it every time, but it comes in appearing to be 6 hours long!? Of course this isn't true. Then as you're listening to it, if you pause, then try to resume it will skip back to quite a while before. It appears to be a formatting issue... Does anyone else have problems with this?


PS - I subscribe to it via the itunes store, maybe it works fine if you download it from this site.