Thursday, May 14, 2009

05.14.09 Podcast

As far as I know there isn't an All-NBA Podcast Team, but if there were, I feel confident in stating Gavin Dawson of 95.5 The Game, Dave Deckard of and me, Casey Holdahl of, would make the second team, at least. Maybe we wouldn't receive any first place votes, but yo better beleive we'd still make the list.

And in this edition of the official Podcast we go over Brandon Roy's All-NBA second team honors, what we may or may not see in the 2009 Draft, Greg Oden's summer, Travis Outlaw's ability to blend in and why Jerryd Bayless is probably putting in a lot of summer gym hours.

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Anonymous said...

Hey guys -

I enjoyed the chat, as I always seem to do. Just a minor point of clarification in regards to Outlaw and Blake and their contract status. Lots of people refer to their status by saying that the Blazers hold team options for those two players. That is not technically correct. Instead, neither player's 2009-10 contract amount is guaranteed if they are waived before June 30th.

OK, it sounds like a team option, but there is one huge difference - and one that Gavin touched on in the chat. If either had an actual team option, he could not be traded before the end of June unless the option for 2009-10 was picked up. So, any team trading for him would have to pay his 2009-10 salary.

However, because each has a non-guaranteed contract for 2009-10, each or both could be traded here in May or in June and the team receiving him/them can waive him/them before June 30th and not have to pay a cent of the 2009-10 salary. So, yes, they can be traded essentially as expiring contracts for a team looking for some salary relief.

As I said, minor point but it makes a big difference when it comes to their trade status near draft day.

Keep up the good work!

- Storyteller

hg said...

A great presentation:

On Greg: everybody comments on his lack of enthusiasm, which may be precevieced wrong. Just because he doesn't show outside emotion doesn't mean it is not there.

I was raised that showing any kind of emotion was a weakness. To stay tough you had to be almost stone face. I suppose that is ok if you are a gambler, but does not get you very far in everyday life. It is kind of like going through life with no hits, no runs and no one left on base.

I think Greg's biggest thing is staying in the game. I noticed in the play-offs the longer he played the better he got. That could be from playing cold or out of shape.

I agree with the getting into fighting shape mode, trim and lean will make him a mean fighting machine. Also, has it has been said by KP and now by you three, getting his lateral feet movement back would help a ton. I am not a BB whiz, but I don't really worry about his shots or his ability to get shots. That will come automatticly as he gets confidence. If Greg could stay in the game, continue to hit the boards, get put backs and a few offensive plays to keep the defense honest would actually be enough. To stay in the game is the number one thing in my book. I do agree, getting in shape and getting lateral movement would be the biggest key to that. Don't worry about his emotions. His emotions are in tack.

I don't think it is lack of enthusiasm that makes him relectant to play in the Olympics, I think it is that he needs a break from the scrutiny. Even from you three. You three are about the roughest critics in the NBA. Therefore you could probably make the first NBA team LOL!