Thursday, May 7, 2009

05.07.09 Podcast

With the postseason elimination hangover now mostly worn off, it's back to the podcast. Dave Deckard of and me, Casey Holdahl of Center Court, discuss the playoffs, the off-season, the importance of being an active listener and the future in general during this edition of the Podcast.

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As a side note, please forgive my lackluster hosting in this week's podcast. I'm not much for the first chair as it is, and I'm feeling a bit under the weather. So... sorry. Luckily Dave, as always, was money.


TheGreatDane17 said...

I want to see you guys talk about players we could acquire in the offseason. Antonio McDyess?

hg said...

The Podcast covered the Blazers well.

It was confusing at times because the discussion was of need for exchange and needing veteran leadership. The impression was we needed now; finally it was said that not necessarily for next year; the season 2010-2011, we would need our championship players in place.

I agree that we need improvement now; I have felt we were improving every game throughout the year. We were not improving in leaps and bounds but we were always going forward in our progression. Does the two of you feel we were a much better team at the end of the season due to the growth and experience of each player?

We had Rudy, Batman, Oden, and Bayless that got better by getting use to the NBA and getting the chemistry with these particular stars and realizing they are still role players for now regardless of whether they are stars of the future or not.

With Rudy in the play-offs and even in regular season, he plays so hard all the time he is in that his legs get rubbery and needs to be taken out regularly. I think Rudy will improve doing the summer as far as chemistry and playing in the NBA. He could be the consistent third scorer by taking it to the rim more often and scoring in the paint more. Nate used him primarily as our outside threat which is fine, but Nate needs to utilize his talent of driving and passing. I feel Rudy needs to work on his body to give more stamina and power to fend off bigger guards.

Batman has improved, and if used more on offense and given a chance to score will improve the team next year by himself.

Greg just needs to play basketball; I think that is coming next fall. We all seen glimpses of what talent he has. We just have to watch it develop into consistency. That all by it self is exiting. We get to watch the making of a super-star. Greg working on his individual game and getting into BB shape will help the team immensely next year. If in fact, Greg can becomes the defender that Joel is by moving his feet instead of fouling that in itself is a great contribution to the team next year.

Bayless might be the missing link. He can create, he can take it to the rim and plays fairly good D. playing time will improve his game tremendously.

All this, is my way of saying that we don’t need to go out and get new or experience role players. We have them in the makings if the fans and the media can develop patience. At the beginning, we said we need to let this team learn and develop. IMO, that hasn’t happened yet. This group of players could easily be the players that you are looking for, or wanting to trade for 2 or three years down the road.

The podcast was confusing because the two of you sounded like you were going to sell the future of these young players and the team itself for a quick fix that will get us the championship now. I don’t think the future is now. I don’t think if we don’t get it now that we have lost our grasp on the championship. Are you positive that we can’t win a championship with the team that we have now? Do you want to write Bayless off and get a more experienced pg that would fill the hole? Since it is rumored that Sergio wants to play somewhere else, wouldn’t it be better to get a third string pg, and give Jerryd a chance for at least another year? How about Petco? . We have Webster coming back next year. Would it not be better to wait and see if he can fill the hole for the small forward? IMO, him and Batman makes a hell of a combination for the 3, as much as Greg and Joel makes a great combination at the 1.

We could drop some of our end of the bench players and bring Joe Freeland over as third string center and maybe power forward.

All in all, I think we are in great shape with what we have.

Sorry about the length of this article, I just had lots to say.


aneebaba said...

Casey - Great podcast.

1. Yeah bro - don't ever read something else when another guy is talking - totally girly thing to do ;-)

2. Wow, when Dave brought up that concept of Portland vs. Chicago scenario and how Cleveland might become the next dynasty, I too, even more so than before, favored the fact that we WILL have to make that bold move in the near future if we want to take advantage of this window and the great core of guys we have. It may be a bit painful to part with one or two guys, but I think the fans will be able to handle it, as long as we have the 2-3 guys that make up the heart and soul of this team (BRoy, LMA, GO and now, Rudy)

3. Again, we MUST keep Rudy around, its clear he is not afraid of taking big shots and he has the big-game experience and as you guys mentioned, he has got that swagger, so hopefully as we see ourselves in more of these playoff-type and playoff games, he is one guy I think we all know who won't be shy in stepping up and taking that big shot. Also, we do need more of that swagger that I think Rudy and BRoy already have.

4. Just want to wrap by saying great job this season. Love your posts Casey - congrats on a job well done and I'm sure next season will be even more exciting, full of great moments and subsequent debates, chats that are sure to follow. GO BLAZERS!!!

-Portlander in Prague (who's feeling homesick - one more month, argh)

hg said...


I know you are not asking for my opinion. But I think we already have to tools to combat Cleveland.

BRoy is closing the gap between him and King James. They have no one that can challenge Rudy. Do you like him because of his good basketball playing or because he is cute? LOL! LMA is as good as thier long haired dude. Joel and Oden can out play escosca(sp) We already came close to beating them in regular season. Therefore I am not a bit afraid of them.

We got better after almost every game last season. So, what we were at the end of the season and what we were even at the all star break is miles of improvement. Just think if we can get Greg in BB shape and becomes a force on the boards and on the offense what we will be.

Remember King James tried is tough act on Greg and it didn't phase Greg at all, but sure surprised James.