Wednesday, September 16, 2009

EuroBasket 2009: Spain v. France

This is the game I've been waiting months for (same goes for Nico). When I looked at the EuroBasket table a month ago, I figured maybe France would get a shot at Spain in the finals, and I assumed if that were the case that the French would be the underdogs. Didn't exactly turn out that way. These two "Old Europe" teams meeting in the quarterfinals, with France technically the favorite (at least from a seeding perspective) is a rather unexpected twist. That's why they play the game (which starts at noon PST on

Spain v. France is a classic clash of experience versus youth. Spain isn't an old team by any stretch, but the core group of Pau Gasol, Juan Carlos Navarro, Jorge Garbajosa and Felipe Reyes has been playing together at EuroBasket since 2001, with the likes of Rudy Fernandez, Marc Gasol, Carlos Cabezas and Alex Mumbru all returning from the 2006 World Championship team. They've played in big games. They can handle the pressure.

The French, at least as it pertains to the current roster, are the exact opposite. This is the first time this group, with Tony Parker, Boris Diaw, Nicolas Batum, Ronni Turiaf and Florent Pietrus have played together for an extended period of time. You could look at that one of two ways. The positive spin is that they're young and still, in some respects, getting to know each other, so they're likely to improve every game. The flip side is that they've never been in this situation before as the favorites in the knockout round against a team most observers would consider the second best in the world (for what it's worth, FIBA has Spain ranked 4th, USA 2nd, Argentina 1st and France 17th).

If the French can, as Batum often says, "just play their game" without thinking about who they are and who the Spanish are, then their inexperience shouldn't be a problem.

While Spain might have the experience, the French have fresh legs. Vincent Collet, for one reason or another, rested most of his starters, including Parker, for much of their last qualifying round game against Greece on Monday. The Spanish didn't have to expend a ton of energy today against Poland, but a back-to-back is a back-to-back, regardless of the opponent. Tomorrow's game will be Spain's seventh in the past ten days and for that reason, I'd expect to see the French push the tempo early and often tomorrow.

The French also have post players to throw at Pau Gasol, a luxury most other teams in the tournament don't have. The elder Gasol has been nearly unstoppable since the first game against Serbia, a game that might have been his worst as an international. Top-10 in 11 different statistical rankings at EuroBasket, Pau is the straw that stirs the Spanish coffee. But the French have Turiaf, who probably knows Pau's game was well as anyone in the tournament, Boris Diaw and Florent Pietrus. Ali Traore and Alain Koffi, the resident bench bruisers for Les Bleus, probably won't be called upon unless the French have foul trouble (which has been an issue for Turiaf throughout the tournament), but they're big bodies who an bang on the defensive end. If the refs allow some rough and tumble in the post (which doesn't seem likely from what I've seen), the French stand a real good chance.

No one in the tournament has a guard who can keep Parker in front of them, including the Spanish. Rubio and Navarro are going to have a rough go containing, which could lead to Pau Gasol getting in foul trouble if he tries to contest at the basket consistently. Sending Pau to the bench would be more valuable for France than any points scored by Parker.

But the crux of the game, at least to my Trail Blazers colored glasses, is the showdown between Rudy and Nicolas. Rudy plays out on the wing with Navarro and Rubio starting at 1 and 2, and he's easily their most athletic back court player, so if I'm Collet, I'm tasking Batum with trying to shut him down. Nic is a real tough matchup for Rudy on both ends of the court (though the French don't seem to run much for Batum on offense). Then again, many a defender have been made to look foolish by Rudy's constant motion. Nicolas better be ready to closeout in a hurry.

My prediction? I'm going with the French. If Spain had an extra day to rest and prepare as France did, I'd probably go with the Iberians. But in this case, I'm betting on old age and treachery to succumb to youth and skill.


Unknown said...

I'm super excited for this game and have been wondering how to watch it. Thought about calling up comcast and asking them for French or Spanish TV for the day. But thanks to your blog, I'm well informed. I'm just itching to get some basketball anywhere I can get it right now so this is awesome. Even resorted to watching some WNBA playoffs

hg said...

Again, I am rooting for France. But, I also want Rudy to look good.

I think I will root for Batuum and Rudy and not which team wins. Of course if Batuum is guarding Rudy, that will make it difficult rooting for both.

It's yah, yah, yah Rudbatuum


BlazerFANATIC said...

I can't wait to see this game today. It should be fun! Casey when do you think the podcast will be up for Monday nights Courtside?

carles said...

86-66. Any doubt about Spain?
I am sorry for the bloggers that expect France will beat Spain.
Spain will be the future Eurobasket winner.
Another thing I will point out is that Mc Millan said Nicolas Batum has played very well this tournament. It is clear that Rudy Fernandez is better player than Batum. He has a lot of talent and he plays for all the team.
I am a member of DKV Joventut, the former team of Rudy. I know personally Rudy, and I am a fan of Blazers.
Go Blazers!

Anonymous said...

"No one in the tournament has a guard who can keep Parker in front of them, including the Spanish."

hehehe well Rubio the defended the hell out of Parker to the point that he couldn't score. It was his all time low in the entire tournament just 6 points while Ricky got 8 pts E-M-B-A-R-A-S-S-I-N-G to be outplayed by a little Kid!!!
Spain Won! and Rudy outscored Batum too!!! =0 Amazing game Woot woot