Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Video: Roy addresses the media

Brandon Roy addressed the media today for the first time since having a partial meniscusectomy on his left knee. Roy was moving around easily and was more than affable during what turned out to be an extended media availability.

I got a look at Roy's knee after the media scrum and it looked, at least superficially, that it was almost healed. If everything goes as planned, I would expect Brandon to be back on the floor well within the six to eight week timetable.

(The audio is a bit low, especially at the beginning. Sorry about that.)


brickman said...

Listened to Brandon in studio on The Game today...He was so eager and optimistic! I am through trying to temper my hopes and dreams about this team...LET'S GO KICK SOME TAIL!!
Casey; has anyone you know visited with Brandon or Nate about their thoughts on the Seattle/OKC debacle? I know Nate made it clear he didn't want his jersey in the Ford Center rafters. Hor are Brandon's Seattle buddies taking the loss. I have been diving into forums in both the Seattle Times and the Oklahoman I am pleasantly suprised at the amount of interest in King County.... and alot of that is support and affection for Brandon and Nate. My Gal and I plan on wearing Green and Gold when the OKC whatevers come to our house in February and April. They really love brandon and Flat out revere Nate!

JBayless said...

This is the Greg Oden workout video. Not Brandon Roy addressing the media...

JBayless said...

Never mind. It is B Roy now. Thanks for the post Casey.

Get well soon Brandon!