Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Say goodbye to No. 1

Tonight is the last home game of the 2007-08 season. It's a chance to say goodbye and thank you for what turned out to be an exciting and often unexpected year. It's also Fan Appreciation Night, so if you're going to make the trip to the Rose Garden for the final go-round of the season, plan on being appreciated.

It's also the final time you're going to see Jarrett Jack in a white No. 1 jersey. And tomorrow's season finale will be the last time you'll see Jack in a black No. 1 jersey. No. 1 will be put to rest, as Jack is going back to lucky No. 3.

"It’s the number I wore in college and high school," Jack said. "I always wanted it when I was here but Juan Dixon had it. Now I can get my chance to go back to it."

Dixon, now wearing No. 8 with the Detroit Pistons, wasn't about to give up the number he wore at Maryland to a rookie, so Jack picked No. 1 and ran with it. After all, it's not a bad number for a point guard, but it didn't sit right with Jack.

So why did Jack go through the entire 2007-08 season with a number he didn't want? According to Jack, it's a rule.

"I heard the rule what you had to wait three years. You couldn’t change your number every year, so I’ll be going back to my number next year."

I was unable to verify if that's true or if someone was just pulling Jarrett's leg, but it sounds like the kind of rule the NBA would have.

Unfortunately for all of you Jack fans out there, you're going to have to buy new gear if you want to keep your fan-dom up to date. But unlike Kobe Bryant's marketing-based switch from No. 8 to No. 24, Jack's reasons for switching up are grounded in superstition.

"I’m definitely going to get my mojo back. I definitely feel more comfortable in (No. 3).


Dixie said...

Kobe's "marketing-based switch"? Are you insane, suffer from I-hate-Kobe Bryant-syndrome, or merely uninsightful? I jest, harshly. Kobe's jersey switch was well documented, and there are many well-written articles available online if you choose to Google "Kobe switches number." Check'em out because this column reflects negatively on the blazers' organization.

Yes, I am a Lakers fan and a Kobe fan, but not a fanatic. Kobe's made errors, some egregious, some not. But, the guy is one of the ten-best ballers to have ever played the game. In the game's history, few have been as consistent on both ends of the floor or dynamic. Few, if anyone, can objectively argue that he is not one of the greatest to ever play the game. I take no issue with Kobe-criticism, but I do with bad journalism.
I've enjoyed attending three Trailblazers' games this year, including a significant Lakers' loss to these young Portland players. I like the environment, it's fun and the fans are zealous. So, please, don't unabashedly thrash a baller's integrity, nor the integrity of his choice in numbers. If nothing else, shouldn't you, as a journalist or b-ball blogger, respect his competitiveness?

- A Lakers' fan and Portland enthusiast

Casey Holdahl said...

I have a lot of respect for Kobe's game. I think he's the best player in the game. But I also think he changed his number in order to sell more merchandise, especially since the switch occurred shortly after he changed his endorsement deal from Adidas to Nike.

I don't think it's disrespectful to say Kobe made his number change based on marketing. Kobe is as image conscious as any player in the league.

Anonymous said...

I almost got a J Jack jersey at the Mavs game, glad I waited!

LaPrincipessa said...

Dear Dixie

dont take your distaste for disillusionment out on Casey... Do you believe everything you read on google? Sweetheart, do you not believe that among other things Kobe switched his number because it signifies the end of the selfish-kobe and the beginning of "team player"-kobe...post rape...post adidas...post shaq.... he and his team(yes team) of management, image specialists, lawyers have used this switch in part to market a more likeable product - Casey's vague mention of Kobe and marketing is not a verbal attack on his game or horrible biased and untrue opinion - it's the truth and it goes for any of the current major superstars nowadays...

Please dont come onto Blazer Blogs and post trashy remarks, it reflects negatively on the lakers' organization.

Love always,


anna said...

Perfectly said Sophia.
Those l*ker fans sure do enjoy spending most of their time on the Blazers website. If they could only do it with some class.

Rip City baby!

JackSux said...

hopefully he can be "#3" on the miami heat so he can be on a team where he belongs, close to his georgia tech teammates so they can teach him somethings, and far away from portland.