Thursday, December 3, 2009

12.03.09 Podcast

The rest of the state is talking Ducks and Beavers, but Dave Deckard of and I, Casey Holdahl of, stick to the Trail Blazers in today's podcast.

In this edition we discuss the reasons for the three-game losing streak, what it might take to get back on track, the "aura" of the team over the last week, injuries and the importance of getting a few wins on the next road trip. We keep it civil.

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Don said...

Hi Casey
I am from out of town, so this may be common knowledge to the locals...just curious. What ever happened to Gavin. I thought the threesome thing was working pretty well.

hg said...

I don't think the Blazers are in as much trouble as everybody thinks, but we could be getting there. When we started out the game against the Heats with a attempted 3 from Martell I thought we were in trouble. We just depend on the 3 to much and as good as our shooters are they are still inconsistent.

More plays for Greg, with pass off to cutters in the lane as Andre and him did would open things up.

On defense you three are confusing me. First Dave writes a article more or less saying that very few guards can stay in front of a driving guard therefore the static of our guards not being able to do it is over hype. That team d is the only way to corral them. Now you are saying that our guards are not good enough to stay in front of or stopping driving guards. So which is it? Aren’t our guards just supposed to turn them into the help defense? BRoy will get his game going about right now. He is going back to basics and start being BRoy again. Every time things get tight and we need to adjust everybody says that BRoy is the leader and has to lead by example. That takes away from what he is and what he was. Greg will take away some of his shots, but soon the shots he takes will be much easier as you three said.

Good talk on the Blazers