Thursday, August 6, 2009

It's Official: B.Roy Signs Extension

You can all go back to breathing regularly again: Brandon Roy has officially signed a multi-year contract extension. You've surely seen it reported earlier elsewhere, but nothing is official here at Trail Blazers HQ until the signature is on the contract. If we've learned nothing this summer it's that things can change at the last minute.

But that's not an issue today. Brandon Roy is going to be a Trail Blazer for the foreseeable future, not that that was ever really in doubt. When both player and team want the same thing, there's usually not much that can come in the way of making that mutual goal happen. These negotiations were no different.

Kevin Pritchard said "this is one of the most exciting and important days in Trail Blazers history,” and that ain't hyperbole. There are few players who have the collective skills and personality to become invaluable to a franchise and a city in just three short years, but Roy is one of them. Is he ever.

“No one has played a bigger role in the rebirth of the franchise, both on and off the court, than Brandon Roy," said KP. "While he’s a great player, he’s an even better person and I’m happy and proud to report that he’s going to be a Portland Trail Blazer for many years to come.”

KP is proud and Trail Blazers fans are relieved. Good feelings. Remember that the next time you start to get a little nervous regarding negotiations with important players. It'll all turn out for the best.

More tomorrow from the presser. Sleep easy Portland.


A Mans Life said...


aneebaba said...

Hey there Casey - this is great news indeed. Brandon is going to be a special player in Blazers history when he hangs up his sneakers - but that's not for a long while. Let's enjoy the ride that he is sure to take us on, along with the rest of the core group. Just like his commerical says, "title to the Rose City and an MVP trophy on his mantle." Go Blazers and here's to a long and successful Blazer career for the Natural!

hg said...

Glad to hear that if is official.

I never really had a doubt.

Next step LMA.


Richard said...

Now if we can just get LaMarcus' deal hammered out, this will be a very successful offseason I think.

Adam said...

He is our Rookie of the Year, our All-Star (twice), and our All-NBA 2nd team'r. He is OUR legend. Congrats, Brandon Roy!

Ethan said...

Yeah B-Roy!!!!!!!

next step LA

Yeah B-Roy!!!!!!!

Rolando said...

Roy will help bring a championship to Portland... I feel it coming!

harry_hermione_4_eva said...

I never had any doubt, but a five year contract extension for who is without a doubt the team's most invaluable piece is very comforting. Brandon has an amazing presence, and I'm excited to see him play in Portland for the many years to come.

Now hopefully, LaMarcus will be signing one soon.