Friday, January 25, 2008

James Jones wants to go

For some unknown reason the participants in the Foot Locker Three-Point Shootout at All-Star weekend are the last to be announced. I don't know if the NBA needs more time to decide who should be jacking up three's in New Orleans, but I know that the announcement isn't scheduled to be made until February 7. All of the three-point specialists are most certainly on pins and needles.

I'm not sure what the specific criteria is, but I know that whatever it is, James Jones fits it. At 51.9%, Jones leads the NBA in three-point percentage. And though it's probably a little too early to start talking about records, if James could improve his shooting by half a percent, he'd end up tying Steve Kerr for the best single-season three-point percentage. That should be enough for an invite.

But there's more! Jones is joined by last year's three-point shootout winner, Toronto's Jason Kapono, as the only eligible players in the league who hit more three's than they miss. That's crazy. What's more, if James Jones had shot nothing but three-pointers this year, his field goal percentage would be 18th-best in the NBA. Better than guys like Tim Duncan, Yao Ming and Chris Bosh; all of whom make their living getting points inside the paint. Again, that should be worthy of an invite.

But maybe most importantly, James Jones actually wants to participate. A lot of guys might prefer to simply get a few days of rest rather than head down to New Orleans, but Jones would rather represent his team than get some extra sleep.

"I definitely want to go. I would love to go," says Jones. "It’s just another opportunity to show you skills and represent your team and you city. It would be great for me and the rest of the guys, but I just have to continue to do what I do. If they do send me that invite, I’ll win it."

So while there are no plans to release an "iJones" with clips of James knocking down baseline three's, there's more than enough data out there to insist that Jones be invited to All-Star weekend. It wouldn't be a three-point shootout without him.


Phil said...

James Jones is one of my favorite players to watch. There's no 3-point celebration dance, or chest pounding after each three pointer (he'd probably have a sore chest by now anyway) just smart playing and such an effortless motion to his shot.

Not a lot of people say much about his turnovers, either. At 22 MPG and .5 average? That's smart ball.

millertime said...

Hell ya he should be there. If he has the Best percentage in the Nba and is not in the nba 3 point contest. That would just be stupid. If he does not make it who ever wins should not call them selve the 3 point champ cause they did not beat the best. That jones!!! I think blake should be their too. He needs to shoot more 3 though. It would help spread the floor better And it would have gave him a better chance of being there. At the same time he does a good job with shot selction so i cant complain do what you do. best of the best jones!!!!

mj said...

James Jones has become one of my favorite Blazers. He has such a smooth consistent shot. He deserves to be at the 3-point contest. Hey why can't I buy a Jones #33 jersey???? Get rid of the Miles jersey and replace it with Jones.

Chris said...

No James Jones in the three-point shoot out?!!?!?! The contestants were announced today and he didn't make it! What the hell do you have to do to get in?!